Dreaming of Spring // Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’m finding myself craving the smell of spring. You know – it’s kind of dewy smelling, and sometimes is mixed with an occasional dose of the Chicago Sewage scent – but it’s refreshing its a breath of air I can take without worrying that my lungs will instantly freeze. I have candles burning that smell like Lavender or Hibiscus, because if I smell one more apple spiced or pine fragrance dispenser I might loose my mind. I’ve always been a pretty patient, but this season is testing my limits.

Guess what happens when you work from home and it’s really cold and snowy outside – you find yourself becoming a legitimate hermit. All of the sudden your brand new leggings are wearing through because you are wearing them 4 days a week (the other 3 days you are wearing straight up sweat pants). Your skin gets to a shade of pale you never knew was possible, your coffee maker becomes your best friend, your husband is on the verge of going crazy because he walks in the door (after a long day of work) you spew out a million words because you have not used your voice to talk to an actual human all day…  you’ve suddenly learned a whole new meaning for phrase “cabin fever”.

So last week it was bad. Really bad. And luckily we were blessed with a sampling of spring (never temps in the 30s would make me so excited). I found myself going to the gym every day, going out to meet girlfriends for lunch, and cooking dinner every night because it was warm enough to walk to the grocery store without feeling like I could possibly be risking hypothermia.

Life was good.

Then it got cold again.

But I am determined to not be discouraged by the bi-polar ways of a Midwest winter. So I decided that I am going to do little things to keep my spirits up – beginning with using an entire wall of our house (chalk boarded, of course) to create a HUGE count down to Hawaii (gym motivation!), to clean a closet every week until all of them are clean, and to buy myself these cheap little bunches of flowers from Jewel every week (until it’s warmer or the farmer’s market opens again – oh happy day!)  to keep my work space a bit more cheerful.flowers_0002

I know I am not alone in this, is there anything you are doing to beat the winter blues?