Linen Heirloom Albums // Chicago Wedding Photographer

I am super passionate about the idea of printing pictures. I have this deep fear that some day my kids will want to see photos from when Cody and I first met, our wedding, and their childhood and my only option will be to pull up facebook and show them all of the most important moments of my our lives via social media. The thought literally makes my skin crawl, how sad is it that our kids may never know the feeling of flipping through photos, of holding them in their hands?

I remember growing up, my parent’s and grandparent’s always had their wedding albums in an easy-to-access spot throughout the house. I loved looking through my parent’s photos – how young they looked – how crazy were the shoulder pads on those bridesmaid dresses – how gorgeous did my mom look in the wedding dress her mom had worn! It also gave me the opportunity to look upon the face of my grandma, who I never had the opportunity to meet. Through the photos I can see the love my parents had for each other on that day, when they were practically still babies (21 and 22).

When we got married there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted us to have an album. I need something tangible, something I can take my time and slowly look at, something I can hold in my hands to remind me of that oh-so-wonderful day. Since our wedding, I have wanted to figure out a way to incorporate albums into my collections, and this year I am SO excited to be able to offer an album with each and every collection. These linen bound albums are of the highest quality, and will last a lifetime. They will serve as a precious heirloom for your children, and your children’s children.

The knowledge that my clients will have a physical way of remembering their wedding thrills me to the core – and I am SO excited for all of the gorgeous albums I will be delivering to my wonderful couples this year :)


Stay warm and dry all you Midwesterners!!



  • Michelle - These are beautiful! I love the linen and those colors! Do you mind sharing what company you use??ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Miller - I still need to get my own wedding album! But yes to this! :)ReplyCancel