Our Patagonia Adventure

Its still hard for me to believe that this trip happened.

Most likely I will never be surrounded by such awe inspiring beauty ever again. At any given moment your jaw would drop – from the mountain ranges, to the insane water colors, the wild life, the clouds and light, there was nothing ugly about this place. Again and again we would say, “photos can not do it justice, there’s just no way”. It’s honestly because the beauty was so all encompassing that a single frame could not capture what it was like to feel immersed in that landscape. Over the course of just a few days we saw glaciers (lots of glaciers!), desert like landscape, dense pacific north west type forests, raging rapids, an avalanche (don’t worry, it was off in the distance – we were safe), llamas, flamingos, wild horses, and more. I had no idea a place like this existed, and I will never ever forget it.

I made the last minute decision to leave my film camera at home – I was worried about the size of the camera (back packs were already crazy full and heavy), and the film, as the weather in Patagonia can change at the drop of a hat. Case in point: our first hike we experienced insane sun and heat, crazy winds (that could have blown a child off the mountain), rain, snow, and sleet. I was worried that having the film with me, even tucked safely in a waterproof bag, would be something I wouldn’t stop worrying about on our hikes, and honestly – all I wanted to do was take it all in. SO I did some research and purchased the Fuji x100T – a tiny little mirrorless camera that will now be my travel buddy. It was small enough to fit in the pocket of my wind breaker, and hardly added any weight. Perfect!

A lot of people have asked about our itinerary for this trip, and I can take no credit in creating it. All of the credit goes to our friend Katie and she killed it!

Day 1 – Leave Chicago

Day 2 – Arrive in Buenos Aires (via Miami)

Day 3 – Fly to El Calafate, Argentina

Day 4 – Drive to Torres Del Paine National Park ( Chile ), check in to camp site, hike to Mirador los Torres

Day 5 – Day hike with view of Lago Nordenskjold

Day 6 – Drive to southern area of the park, to Rio Serrano – pit stop to hike to Grey Glacier look out

Day 7 – Drive back to Argentina, to El Chalten – Glacier National Park

Day 8 – Hike to Laguna Torre

Day 9 – Rainy day spent in EcoDomes and wandering through El Chalten

Day 10 – Hike to Laguna de los Tres, drive back to El Calafate

Day 11 – Fly back to Buenos Aires, leave Buenos Aires

Day 12 – Arrive in Chicago (via Miami)
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