Detox Salad, Whole Foods

Do you have certain foods that you randomly crave?

Not like, “yum, that sounds good” – more like  “ohhhh that sounds good I have to have it right now how do I get my hands on it I can not focus until it is in my belly”.

Yesterday I had this craving for Whole Foods’ Detox Salad – if you haven’t tried it you are missing out on an opportunity to eat lots and lots of veggies without feeling like it. Now, there is a whole foods like a mile and a half away that I could have easily swung by on my way to or from something, but I decided to be adventurous (and thrifty  – Whole Foods is not cheap) and attempt to make the salad on my own… and you know what? It was easy. I mean, it would be hard if you don’t have a food processor, but really all you have to do is shove lots of veggies into a food processor, add a little bit of this and that, and voila!

I used THIS RECIPE from Oh She Glows, but added about a cup of chopped up brussel sprouts because the bunch that I had was about to go bad, and I omitted the things I did not have in my fridge, or that I don’t really care for – like the salt and pepper (sorry, I grew up in a house where salt just wasn’t really used, so it never gets put on/in anything around here), or kelp granules – because I have no idea what those are or where I would possibly get them… they sound expensive…. and I don’t usually remember to put the maple syrup on, and honestly the currants and raisins add enough sweetness for me.

Word to the wise… the recipe makes A TON of this stuff, like two giant tupperware containers full. So if you aren’t planning on eating this for lunch and with dinner every day for the next week, I would consider cutting the recipe in half.


I just ate this for breakfast and seriously feel full of energy – yay for healthy food that doesn’t really taste like it!!!

Bon Appétit!!